- Aroma Vero Customized



We customise almost all formats on the market both in the coffee version and in the soluble version offering customers a wide range and unique solutions to be able to make a tailor-made sewing product.

This aroma format is true* flower flower coop * it espresso* are enclosed in a single capsule which adapts to machines marketed with this system.

The personalization of the capsules takes place by printing on single flow pack and printing on boxes by means of a personalized label band also colored.

We have various colors of flow pack to offer to our customers, call us or contact us for a quote from 50 boxes of 100 capsules or the format you would like to make.

By Cosola Caffè srl, it offers through its numerous solutions on behalf of third parties of capsules and custom branded waffles.

Our main customers are torfazioni, managers and shops all over Italy.

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