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Our love for the express


Awakening and living the first moments of a day with a cup of smoking coffee in your hands is a pleasant daily rite that softens every awakening.

Trust us, you will find a reliable and constant partner in the quality of the products.



Personalized coffee cauldrons such coffee, we are present in the following territories:

Barletta, Andria, Trani, Margherita di Savoia, Trinitapoli, Foggia, Brindisi, Lecce, Taranto, Potenza, Matera, Frosinone, Roma, Napoli, Caserta, Salerno, Cosenza, San Ferdinando di Puglia, Minervino Murge, Torino, Siracusa, Messina, Agrigento, Terni, Reggio Calabria, Rimini, Genova, Venezia, Pavia, Padova, Verona, Bologna, Avellino, Campobasso, Ancona, Molfetta, Corato, Milano, Novara, Bologna, Parma, Iesolo, Pescara, Trieste, Como.



Packing Caffè in Cialde Conta Terzi

Addressing manufacturers and distributors who want full or partial work, it can be a new opportunity to expand their business and to increase customers the inclusion of new products compatible with the most commonly distributed standards. In fact, we can
propose a personalized service that fully meets the needs of roasters, managers, dealers and distributors, as well as the demands of companies that need personalized coffee during some special occurrence.


Production of coffee and packaging of compatible capsules and pods

Each of these market players has in fact different needs that need different solutions. Packaging Caffe in pods with prices or costs but exclusively of minimum quantities to be respected in order to allow the machines to be able to properly satisfy the productions of each customer without interrupting the prints between one batch and the other. Using the minimum quantity the molds on the packages are correctly calculated in order not to have imperfections for all the quantities requested.

*Nespresso, *Lavazza a modo mio *Espresso Point


lavazza in black

What realities could benefit from third-party coffee packaging? For example,
they can request our third-party coffee packaging service to roasters, who would thus use our machines to pack their coffee, should they need to increase - even temporarily - the production of some lines.

It's a blue lavazza.

- Lavazza signature

- Mitaca mps

- It's a real aroma.

Packing Coffee Conto Terzi

- That's coffee.


They may also be interested in our proposal: the managers of bars and restaurants who intend to launch their brand, selling personalized coffee with their logo and name. The same applies also to dealers, distributors and wholesalers who can aim to have a unique and exclusive line to be sold on the market.

Domo heart espresso

- Sweet coffee taste.

A system

Even companies operating in the large distribution sector can benefit from this service, along with branded products also a customised line that can strengthen the connection with their consumers and can convey the brand through the diffusion of a good product.

- Maranello.

(The trademarks cited are registered by the company Nespresso, Nestlè and Luigi Lavazza)

The third-party packaging is also the ideal solution for all companies that need quality products quickly, without having the know-how necessary for their production: they will be able to be packed a coffee with their own brand at absolutely competitive prices also all those realities that have never dealt specifically with coffee roasting.

DiCosola Caffè is specialized in the packaging of coffee account third parties in the version in pod or capsule, but it is also available for personalized sale of
coffee. Currently we can offer a wide variety of blends, divided between different types of coffee and infusions.
Among these we remind you that you can request espresso coffee, 100% Arabica, Espresso Dolce, Decaffeinated, the drink at Ginseng or Guaranà, as well as other pleasant new flavors.

• Third-party packaging cannot be required for reduced quantities. However, for
requests under the processing standard, we can propose the sending of neutral packages of waffles or capsules at retail price, showing only what is required by the current legislation.

The personalized coffee is also very much required as an idea for the Christmas tights that companies send to their customers or employees. It is a useful and always appreciated gift idea that will make you remember with pleasure.It is therefore
a great opportunity to improve the perception that consumers have of a brand, serves to retain them and serves to insert new proposals to catalogue that allow to increase the customer park and the demand for products

â Cialde ese 44 mm Also in Compostable version


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